22nd Free Medical Camp for Eye and General Patients


22nd Free Medical Camp for Eye & General Patients held on 14 February 2020 Fraiday at Haleema Memorial Eye Care Sarfaraz Colony Hyderabad Pakistan.

ARBIANI WELFARE TRUST organized 22nd Free Medical camp at Haleema Memorial Eye Care Sarfaraz Colony Hyderabad on Friday 14th Feb 2020.
This Free Medical was specially for Eye Patients & General OPD Patients.
In this camp 4 Volunteer Doctors participated.
Eye Specialist Dr. G.L Akash
Family Physician Dr. Faisal Arbiani
Skin Specialist Dr. Lubna Zubair Alam
General Physician Dr. Abdul Hannan
Checked up more than 400 patients and also distribute free medicines.

Mr. Asad Hussain Asadi (President HCDMA) visited as Special Guest in this Free Medical Camp. He appreciated all team of Arbiani Trust specially Mr. Iqbal Arbiani The Chairman of Arbiani Trust

Mr. Iqbal Arbiani with Mr. Asad Hussain Asadi

Also Many Representatives of Pharmaceutical companies visited this event.

Project Chairman: M. Iqbal Arbiani
Co Chairman: M. Irfan Arbiani

Siddiqui Arif Ammar (Camp Incharge) with Mr. Irfan Arbiani (Trustee)

Following Volunteers are participated in this project.
Siddiqui Arif Ammar
Iftikhar Hussain Qureshi
Salman Iqbal Arbiani
Nasir Azam Arbiani
Kainat Iqbal Arbiani
Mrs. Iftikhar Hussain
Dr. Soha Arif
Shahid Upleta
Abdullah Qureshi
Urwa Hussain

Azam Arbiani
Arbiani Welfare Trust


Doctors Panel

 Dr. G.L Akash
Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dr. Faisal Arbiani
Family Physician

Dr. Lubna Zubair Alam
Skin Specialist & Family Physician

Dr. Abdul Hannan
General Physician

Under Supervision of 

Dr. Naik Muhammad Bhatti M.B.B.S  FCPS I
Chief Medical Officer
C.O.T LUMHS Hyderabad.

Under Management of 

M. Iqbal Arbiani

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